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4-Story apartment complexes. 

  • There are two going in next to the boat launch, around 310 total units. They’re going to cut down all that beautiful woodland right on the lake. 
  • We think there’s going to be at least 500 cars trying to make it to work in the mornings just from that street – How will that affect traffic at 25th and Ruddell? 
  • Surely those in a rush to get where they’re going are going to go down these streets to find another way – How do you feel about all those cars speeding to cut down your street? Do you have pets or kids? 
  • We also know the amount of construction needed for those would mean dozens of semis going out with the trees, then concrete mixers, pavers, heavy construction equipment, at least a dozen semi’s just for the 2x4s to frame the buildings, let alone the sheathing, roofing, drywall, HVAC, plumbing and electrical. What do you think those trucks are going to do to our roads? 
  • Do you know one of the developments has a proposed dock as well? 
  • Nisqually and Squaxim tribes see the areas as high probability of artifacts
  • Home to deer, raccoon, bald eagles, bats, owls, ducks, possum, not to mention all the fish in the lake that will be affected – regarded as “collateral damage”
  • The submitted traffic and environmental surveys only take into account each individual development, not both combined.
  • Also to consider – the extra deliveries (UPS,FedEx, DHL, USPS), Instacart, DoorDash, UberEats, Xfinity etc. 


  • Write to the city to share how you will be affected – two developments so two emails: and Before 5pm on May 26th. 

  • Join us at the hearing on May 26th at 1pm to give a verbal testimonial
  • Sign up to our conversation by emailing
  • Donate to help fund our lawyer and our own traffic and environmental surveys to challenge the developers. 
  • Share this news on Social Media, with friends and family and neighbors!
  • Venmo @SaveHicksLake

Hearing Date Set!

The City of Lacey has set a single hearing date has been set for both developments – May 26th at 1pm. It is planned to be virtual.

Please join us at the Gwinwood Retreat on May 11th at 4pm to discuss strategy, get registered for the hearing, get updated on the legal aspects of our opposition, and coordinate clear concise testimonials to give at the hearing. The meeting will also be virtual for anyone that cannot attend.

Everyone in the area will be affected by this! Donegal Hills, 25th loop, all roads off 25th, Shady lane, Ruddell, Forest Grove, even up to 22nd on both sides of Ruddell! All of the new residents (500 units, 2 drivers per unit, 1,000 cars) will need to exit the neighborhood somewhere – and people waiting for the traffic will end up RUSHING down YOUR street to get to where they’re going.

Please show your support by attending the meeting, attending the hearing, and contributing to the fight with your time or any funds you can spare. Thank you!

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