Why do we want to Save Hicks Lake?

There is a planned development on a 5 acre lot at 2801 Hazelwood, adjacent to Wanschers Park and Gwinwood Retreat Center. The plans include 4 story building, with 136 apartments, and parking to accommodate all residents, and the deforestation of 95% of the land.

As a community, we have to take a stand against the city so they do not grant a permit for this development!Here are some strong points on why this should not happen:

  • Destruction of wildlife and the ecosystem – this is wetlands, with lake access, teeming with flora and fauna that call it home. The developers had a “survey” performed in February, when everything was either hibernating or covered in snow.
  • Massive influx of traffic! – 136 apartments means roughly 250 cars. Those cars will need to access their home down Hicks Lake Road and 25th ave. This will mean traffic build up at 25th and Ruddell, and dozens of cars speeding down Shady Lane every day
  • Massive influx of people – 136 aparments means at least 250 residents, effectively DOUBLING the number of Hicks Lake Residents. Sewers, water, power: are they capable of that? Hundreds more people on the Lake, polluting it with trash and noise.

My family and I are new to the community, and we are looking to make it our long term home, and in the short time we’ve been here we feel welcomed by the residents of Hicks Lake, so thank you! I know many of your have lived here for decades! Lacey may need more housing, but this is not the answer!

Stay tuned for updates as we work to prevent this from happening. Please message me or email me at savehickslakeforest@gmail.com if you can volunteer some time. Thank you, Alan